WSPR Stats

This page is intended to provide an overview of the trends of activity on WSPR. Currently it is focused on the number of active callers through time across all bands.

Graphs focused towards individual VK call areas can be seen on the Monthly VK Call Areas page.

I have plans for more in the future, as time permits. I will update them (also) as time permits.

If you find them useful – or have others you may be interested in – then feel free to leave a comment. However I can not commit to meeting any requests.

At some point, I’ll provide some of the technical details behind the generation of these in a blog post.

Please click on the images to see full size versions.

VK yearly WSPR activity – including details by VK call areas.

VK yearly WSPR activity compared to all other call areas.

VK monthly WSPR activity. For detailed look at each individual VK call area, see the VK Monthly WSPR stats page.

VK monthly WSPR activity compared to all others.


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