Amplifiers for 2m

My main (only) radio for 2m SSB is my FT-817ND. Putting out a whopping 5W, I do hope that one day I can look at a bit more power. To that end, I’ve always intended a linear amplifier. Nothing huge to start with, just something getting me say 25W or more – maybe 50W.

Recently I came across an Italian company that appears to produce some cheap units that may be suitable. They have a VHF range that can be seen here.

Reviews seem to be what you’d expect for in that price range, so maybe it’s an option. However, that got me thinking it’d be great to build my own when I get to that point. So I started looking to see what was around.

First, I knew Mini Kits had some options such as the RA VHF Amplifier Kit. In general though, there doesn’t seem to be that many kits. So I thought I’d also look for some plans.

First was one that looks kind of achievable. Using a single high power transistor for about 100W output was the OZ2OE 144MHz PA with MRF317.

But from there only a couple of other options were really found (on a very brief search), but the top end was a kW amplifier with dual valves Рthe LA0BY 144 MHz high power amplifier for 2 x 4CX250B.

Anyway, that’s a ways off for now. Have a few other things to get going first – finalising my new home setup for starters (more pics of that soon).