VK7 SOTA Peaks Available for Preview

VK7 SOTA Peaks Available for Preview

In the early hours of this morning, Justin (VK7TW) shared what may be (still needs final confirmation) the peaks and ARM for VK7 go-live. You can find them in the files section of the SOTA Australia Yahoo Group.

So now it’s possible to start planning ahead for the big day. I’ve just had a quick play with the list and provide the following images for your viewing. It includes:

  • A view of all of VK7 and its peaks – gives you a good idea of just how many there are;
  • The a focus around Hobart – still heaps just around the capital
  • The a look up at some peaks that caught my eye around Lake Pedder
  • And finally a zoom in on those interesting peaks/islands in Lake Pedder – plus a 50m contour overlay to give an idea of difficulty – it’s not just a quick whip around in a kayak to all three. šŸ™‚



Maidenhead GIS Layers


So I’ve been a bit quiet on the radio front lately as I’ve been pretty busy with non radio things. However, that said I’ve still been playing with some code with a radio focus. Specifically, I’ve been doing some analysis of WSPR data that I hope soon I’ll be able to post up.

But most recently I’ve written a small groovy script (can be seenĀ onĀ gist.github.com) to generate GIS layers of a maidenhead grid to help with some visualisation inĀ QGIS. I thought I’d share it in case others find it useful, as well as the resulting GIS files – as both the original GeoJSON files and the Shape files.


ESRI Shape file:

The script also generates a 6 character grid, but I’m sure you can appreciate the size of that it comes out as – not entirely practical.

I really do love how easy it was to build these in Groovy with no external dependencies and a minimal amount of code and fuss. If you’ve notĀ checkedĀ outĀ GroovyĀ for your JVM platform programming – I can’t recommend it enough.