Access Panel Complete

A week-end or so back I completed my access panel with it’s full complement of bulkhead adapters and dust covers.¬†Unfortunately¬† I’ve been struggling for any good light on it though, so I’ve just taken some rough photos with my phone at late dusk (ie. low light – unfortunately.)


I went with 5 N sockets in the end. That was because five fit the space easily – and matched my aspirational antenna setup – and I went with N sockets as I figured they’ll meet almost anything I’d plan to do. I did consider having one or two BNC or SO-239 sockets, but with N connectors being spec’d to around ~11GHz I figured that’s the best bet for flexibility.


I’ve not had a chance to really put the panel to much use yet, as next on my list is to setup my external¬†antennas. However, I do have my mini-whip connected and happily achieved a few spots on 40m with ease (indeed, VK1KW was booming in at +5). Now I’ve got it just sitting there hoping to maybe pick up some MF – we’ll see.


The idea of the access panel I definitely didn’t come up on my own. I was inspired by what I saw VK1OD had done, and so asked for some further details and came up with the implementation above for my purposes.


Access Planel Installed

Today was somewhat productive with the installation of my access panel. I now (almost) have a means of getting antennas into my shack, and now have an earth connection into where the radios are.

The panel is a simple 2mm sheet of aluminium, and on it I’ll be mounting a collection of bulkhead N adaptors. Currently the earth connection is only to one of my earth rods, but I’ll grab some more earthing cable as well to complete the job.

Some photos. First up, the wall after the brick was removed.


And then after the panel and earth connection was added.


And a view from inside.