Locator Tools


There’s many maidenhead locator tools out there, however I wanted a bit of a play thing to try out some technologies. So now there’s another.

One of the main things I hope to offer is a nice simple page that you can also use on your mobile devices. To that end, in the ‘calculate locator’ tool you will see there is a button with cross hairs on it. The thinking being that if you’re out portable or mobile you could hit that button and it can tell you your grid square – and show it on a map.

Other than that, it’s all really standard fare, just with a different look and feel. Still perfectly suitable for just using in the comfort of your shack at home.

I still have more work I plan to do on it (including some UI tidy up on mobiles), so as time allows hopefully more will be done.

For now though, feel free to have a look over at:



VK7ISlocThe page is a collection of three tools and a map viewer. Executing any of the three tools will also update the map viewer.

Locator fields will accept 2, 4 or 6 character locators.

Latitude and Longitude is in decimal degrees up to four decimal places.

Map Viewer

A few additional notes on the map viewer:

  • Right clicking anywhere on your map will determine the locator (to six characters) for that position and update the ‘Calculate Locator’ tool;
  • Clicking on any markers will display more information about that marker;
  • Other than that, fairly standard map controls.


Feedback welcome – and appreciated. Feel free to just drop a comment below or email me.

Tools Used

For anyone who’s interested.

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