New Locator Tools


I’ve put up an early release of some maidenhead locator web tools I’ve been playing with. Full details can be found on the locator tools page or you can just jump straight in and have a look over at

It’s currently just using various free hosting services, but if I find there is any use of it I may change that. So don’t expect anything too superfast (or reliable). 🙂

Feedback welcome.


Finally unpacking

After 18 months I’ve finally been unable to unpack most of my radio gear. So, in all the excitement I thought I’d connect up a radio in the garage and see if I could hit the repeaters.

To my surprise I could hit the main repeaters and a bit more. All just with a small dual band inside the garage and only ~25W. Can’t wait until I can get setup properly. Hope to make more progress this week-end.


Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmanian (REAST)

One of the things I did before I moved down here was find out about the local radio club. Although not overly active in the Canberra club, I did enjoy getting involved now and then and enjoyed the contacts I made. So coming to a new city, finding the local club was something I was definitely keen to do.

The local club in Hobart is the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST). And although I’m yet to attend a club meeting or indeed make any contact with the club other than view the REAST website, I have been keen to visit their club house (which is on top of a main hill pretty well in the center of Hobart).

So this afternoon on my way home from visiting the Hobart Royal Botanical Gardens, I thought I might as well take the slight detor up the hill and check it out.


On arriving at the site, the above sign is the greeting which provides a great bit of history. It reads:

The Coastal Wireless Station, as it was formerly known was established by the Commonwealth Government in 1912 and was an integral part of the early twentieth century communications network, linking the first Antartic expeditions with the rest of the world. The building is now used by Coast Radio Hobart and serves as an important role in ensuring the safety of life and property at sea.

Wow! What a great location with great history for a club’s rooms. And great that they can share a site with such a worthwhile group.

Once venturing further on, the main thing that would catch an HAM’s eye is the array of antennas. Many HF wire antennas, a HF yagi on rotator, various VHF and above dipoles and verticals. An amazing assortment all very nicely setup.


After seeing all that, and knowing that soon I’ll be in my own house and have my radio gear unpacked, I’m sure itching to get active again. Think I’ll need to get in contact with REAST and start getting out there.

Can’t wait!


Site Has Moved

Well, as mentioned previously I’ve moved the site to I’ve also updated the RSS link and Feedburner. All should now be set for when I’m up and running – which is still a ways off.

Also, the house purchase is proceeding nicely, so I looked up my maidenhead locator: QE37PA

Hopefully talk soon. 😉

Are you still there?

Hi All,

So it’s been January since I last posted. Moving to Tassie has definitely kept me busy (especially work wise), and unfortunately to date no radio other then 2m/70cm in my car, and no electronics to boot. Most of my gear is still in boxes, and will be for awhile yet.

As it is, I’m now in the process of buying a house and can’t wait until the freedom of being able to permanently setup antennas and work benches. 🙂

Hopefully by mid December I’ll be all moved into a new abode, and then I can get down to business completely unpacking down here in Tassie! But, I guess we can say 2012 was not a year of radio and electronics for me – but hopefully next year will be better.

I have however (months back) organised my new callsign, and so these days I go by VK7IS. As a result, soon I will update this site and point it over to Then it will probably be December/January before I start posting up again – hopefully as I starting setting up antennas etc. 😀

Hope you’re all well,

P.S. If anyone knows of any VK7 ham mailing lists, I’d be interested to hear – I’ve only come across a news list so far.

Where Am I?

Funny you should ask that, as I'm no longer in VK1. That's right, the reason I've been quiet for two mounths is due to preparing and then moving interstate – followed by the silly season. Anyway, I'm now a resident of VK7. Hopefully soon, I'll receive my callsign recommendation from WIA – who I guess are shut-down still for the silly season – and then I'll be organising a new call with ACMA. I'll let you know when that happens.

As for radio, my stuff is still all in boxes; well, other than my FT-817, FT-60 and squid pole and bits. But to date I've not had a chance to setup anything – well, I did listen a bit on my FT-60R. Hopefully soon, I can try some more HF. I'm also yet to figure out how I'll get my mini-whip up at the rental property for LF, but hopefully I can figure something suitable.

As for electronics, that could still be a month or more away yet I guess. 😦