This blog details the adventures of the Australian Amateur Radio enthusiast VK7IS – previously VK1IS, VK1HOW and VK1FOTO.


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  1. Ian, I am delighted to see your spots turning up on the Reverse Beacon Network, because we are under-represented in Eastern Australia these days. If you would, though, please check the audio cables between your SoftRock and the sound card – all of your spots are coming out “upside down” – in the 7080-7095 range, when I suspect the station were really that same distance *below* the center frequency.

    73, Pete N4ZR

    • Hi Pete,

      Thanks for the heads up. Turns out around the time you sent that someone else also gave me the heads up and I tracked it down to needing to swap the I/Q settings (inverse left and right) in CW Skimmer. All good now – although I’ve just made another setting change to accomodate for the 200Hz my Softrock appears to be off.


      • Just reading your blog and was wondering if you might have time for an email or phone QSO I am VK7WLH and live in Kingston. Getting back on the air and have a few questions re Australian operation, especially in Tasmania. If you have a minute, my mobile is 0458 223 031 and email is below.
        Larry Hower

  2. Hello Ian, great blog you are running and a broad variety of subjects covered. I enjoyed reading about your adventures in setting up the 40m dipole using the squid pole. Thanks for your endorsement and feedback on the SOTA blog, very much appreciated. Look forward to a contact with you from a VK1 summit and later a S2S contact with you once VK7 is live.
    Andrew, VK1NAM

    • Hi Andrew,

      Slow reply, but thanks for your comments. Been a bit busy lately, but indeed hopefully soon things will progress down this way – and indeed with the blog (have some WSPR bits in the works, but keeps taking a back seat).

      Ian – VK7IS

  3. Hi Larry, thanks for making the contact. Unfortunately I’ve been pretty busy with a new baby, but hopefully soon I’ll be on the air soon and I’ll try and get in contact.


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