SOTA closer for VK7

I don’t always catch the week-end broadcasts, but I was mighty happy that I did this week-end. Here’s the start of the VK7 news:

I am pleased to let you know that the mapping of candidate peaks for VK7 has been completed and checked and the listing has been submitted to the SOTA organisation in the United Kingdom for final checking and uploading into the SOTA watch database.

I will let you know once the final checking has been completed and summit logging can commence.

I can’t wait!! It’s been a big effort by the team mapping all the summits and I for one am very thankful for their efforts.

I’ve been keen on SOTA since I saw the initial mention of SOTA Australia in ‘Amateur Radio’ magazine way back after I got my license – and hence I’ve owned my FT-817ND ever since. It then seemed to stagnate for many years, but suddenly out of the blue it took off with a vengeance, and not long after I left VK1 (for VK7)… VK1 went live. I couldn’t believe it.

But soon, I’ll be able to join in on the action down here. And hopefully, I might even be able to sort out my interference issues at my QTH and do a bit of spotting – but that’s still a work in progress… more soon.

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