Interference Continues

Example interference around 14.070 Mhz

Example interference around 14.070 MHz

I’m still looking into my interference issue and have found a few more tidbits about it. One is that it seems to be seriously broadband in that I tracked it from about 7.9MHz to 23.0MHz repeating about every 5.04kHz. (Keeping in mind that my antenna is tuned for the 20m band so at those ranges any reception is pretty weak.)

Further, I started to wonder if it was my radio, so I swapped from my FT-817 to my IC-718 and the issue was still there.


The interference differs too. Around the main frequency of my antenna I see squiggly lines on the waterfall (as above), however once I get further away I see what I primarily consider straight lines as seen on the right.

Anyway, to visually see things a bit more I also put together two time lapse videos of the last two 24 hour periods. The first being on the Yaesu and the second on the Icom. Unfortunately to show them here on WordPress, they’d like me to upgrade my account – so I’ll have to get back to you as to how I’ll share them.

Another thing I tried, tonight I pulled everything out and now only have the Icom connected directly to the antenna via the wall socket and have it running on a battery. But still the interference persists.

I’ve also done things like disconnected the antenna – waterfall went quiet as expected; turned off the radio – waterfall went quiet as expected.

But the waterfall capture is starting to show me is two things:

  1. There seems to be good digital activity on 20m an hour each side of 1300hrs each day – hopefully I can enjoy it at some point; and
  2. A pattern might be emerging – at least I think I see the interference start around 7pm and stop around 10:30pm – but need many more days yet (and there’s also a possible morning start and stop too. And that makes me further think it’s a person doing something and maybe in the form of heating.

Anyway, hopefully a bit more monitoring might reveal some patterns as I’m kind of out of ideas to try – I’m fairly comfortable to say the source is not from my block.


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