Maidenhead Converter Library

Click to github project

Click to github project

I’ve been putting together a little groovy/java library for doing maidenhead conversions – mh-converter. It’s pretty early on at the moment, but is basically documented, has a test suite and is known to work. So effectively I’ve put it out there as a 0.1 type release. As well as providing a JAR for use in other projects, the JAR also provides a command line interface.

Anyway, if you want to have a play then feel free to grab a copy from github at:

You can then build yourself (as long as you have a JDK installed) and do with it as you like.

I will be making further changes (maybe) as I’m yet to actually use it as the intended library I was after for something else I’m working on. So we’ll just see where that takes it.


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