Maidenhead GIS Layers


So I’ve been a bit quiet on the radio front lately as I’ve been pretty busy with non radio things. However, that said I’ve still been playing with some code with a radio focus. Specifically, I’ve been doing some analysis of WSPR data that I hope soon I’ll be able to post up.

But most recently I’ve written a small groovy script (can be seen on to generate GIS layers of a maidenhead grid to help with some visualisation in QGIS. I thought I’d share it in case others find it useful, as well as the resulting GIS files – as both the original GeoJSON files and the Shape files.


ESRI Shape file:

The script also generates a 6 character grid, but I’m sure you can appreciate the size of that it comes out as – not entirely practical.

I really do love how easy it was to build these in Groovy with no external dependencies and a minimal amount of code and fuss. If you’ve not checked out Groovy for your JVM platform programming – I can’t recommend it enough.