2m/70cm Antenna Installed

It’s been a bit quiet lately due to life and the many surprises it can bring. However this week-end I was finally able to get my first permanent antenna install complete.

X-50NThe antenna I installed is my dual band (2m/70cm) antenna that I purchased a few years back with the hope that one day it would become my permanent base station antenna. It’s a Diamond X-50N and when I’ve used it in the past I’ve been very happy with it’s construction and performance.

Stats taken from the Diamond Antenna site.

Stats taken from the Diamond Antenna site.

Not long after moving to my new QTH I rushed down to the hardware store and grabbed the fascia mount TV support and bolts and then was keen to get it installed. However, first I wanted to get the access panel done and then realised I needed a bigger ladder – as the install location is essentially two stories up (the antenna is now sitting ~6m above ground).

Anyway, a hire company came to the rescue and all worked out well this week-end. And with the access panel in place, it sure made the cabling very straight forward. Although, I do have a goal of eventually having some semi rigid cable for this, but for now RG-58C/U is doing the job (albeit I should only be losing about 2dB and 4dB, and this is really only for local simplex and repeater work).

I’ve only had one contact with it so far, but that was as a result of the first (and only) CQ I put out on 146.500. Reports were good from over in Bellerieve (5/7 – loud and clear) and I can happily trigger all the local repeaters on 2m, and I only attempted one on 70cm – need to try more. So, it seems a good result and I look forward to trying it out more soon. (Plus, I’m going to try some WX Satellite reception here – though on Windows this time – and see how it goes compared to my efforts in VK1 – although it still will be a sub-optimal antenna and receiver for that).



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