Morse Code Resources

I’m still working away at learning my morse code. Practice kind of ended with the move to VK7 (as all things radio got a bit disrupted), but the last month or two it has resumed in earnest.

So I thought I’d share some of my current favourite resources that may be of use to others starting to learn or those more experienced looking to increase their speed.

I do a lot of my practice on the bus and at lunch in the library. So iPhone apps have been really useful. The main ones I use are:

  • Ham Morse – This is my main tool
  • Dah Dit – A useful tool, but probably goes against many principals of the Koch Method
  • MorseWords – A useful tool for words practice (especially seeing you can lock your phone and it will keep going)

As for online website tools, I’ve only really focused on one.

  • LCWO – Learn CW Online. Happens to be developed by one of the holders of 1000 cpm speed records and a very passionate CW op (that is, he also has an alarm clock he wrote that sends him his emails subject lines in morse code).

Computer software there is really only one I’ve used since I first thought of learning CW:

And finally some downloadable guides on how to learn/improve morse code:

Good luck to anyone out there using the above!


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