Site Has Moved

Well, as mentioned previously I’ve moved the site to I’ve also updated the RSS link and Feedburner. All should now be set for when I’m up and running – which is still a ways off.

Also, the house purchase is proceeding nicely, so I looked up my maidenhead locator: QE37PA

Hopefully talk soon. 😉


2 thoughts on “Site Has Moved

  1. Hi Ian, sorry it has taken so long to get back to your first informative post. Glad everything is going well in Tassie, sorry you have not established your shack as yet.This last year with AR has not been the best for me but over the last month or so I have found SOTA and as you don’t have to "belong" I am finding it very enjoyable trying to hunt for activators.I too will have to re-activate my posterous pages.Cheers Stan VK1FSTJ

  2. Hi Ian, Good to hear from you and glad everything is working for you in Tassie. I left a comment earlier but it did not post for some reason.I haven’t been doing much on my posterous site must start again. AR has not been happening for me but I have found SOTA to be very interesting, so am giving it a go.Hope to keep in contact on air on posterous somewhere.Cheers for now Stan VK1FSTJ

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