Where Am I?

Funny you should ask that, as I'm no longer in VK1. That's right, the reason I've been quiet for two mounths is due to preparing and then moving interstate – followed by the silly season. Anyway, I'm now a resident of VK7. Hopefully soon, I'll receive my callsign recommendation from WIA – who I guess are shut-down still for the silly season – and then I'll be organising a new call with ACMA. I'll let you know when that happens.

As for radio, my stuff is still all in boxes; well, other than my FT-817, FT-60 and squid pole and bits. But to date I've not had a chance to setup anything – well, I did listen a bit on my FT-60R. Hopefully soon, I can try some more HF. I'm also yet to figure out how I'll get my mini-whip up at the rental property for LF, but hopefully I can figure something suitable.

As for electronics, that could still be a month or more away yet I guess. 😦