Linux No More

I tried and I tried. I tried to use Linux for my shack PC for ages, and it was always a battle. Sure, more often then not I got there, but a lot of time was wasted messing with computers rather than radios.

Further, there was a few cases where the software I wanted was Windows only. Sure, numerous software I could run under WINE, however there were some I could not. And in the end, I actually found that of all the HAM software I used, only one was a native Linux app (Fldigi) but even it has a Windows version. But the straw that broke the camel's back, was attempting to get software going so that I could use my SoftRock. The normal candidates are all Windows based, and I was having little luck with the Linux options (or indeed, lack there of). But in this case, the Windows offerings were not running under WINE, so I had nothing at all.

So, my shack PC is now Windows XP – linux no more. And I must say, it was wonderful to set it up. In under one day I had XP install, all drivers installed, virus scanner installed and all my HAM software installed (and a few more). Further, I plugged it in and it worked.

Further, it's always appeared that the majority of HAM software is Windows based, so it's great to know I now have access to so many options (even things as simple as contest logging software). Excellent!

It all comes down to the right tool for the job at the end of the day, and I think for HAMing about Windows is the way – as ham software seems to be predominantly Windows.

(Oh, there was one other native linux app, as I was compiling WSPR from the latest source. But, I'm happy to use 2.11 pre-compiled if it makes HAM life more radio focused as a whole.)

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