2200m Oscillator PCB Version

Thanks to Dale (VK1DSH) I now have a PCB version of my oscillator. Further, thanks to his input it also now has a few additional items to the circuit. It has a diode on the +ve supply input to protect against reverse polarity, etc. as well as better use of capacitors for the voltage regulator and to provide better bypassing.

I just built up the PCB and found the resulting waveform much cleaner as a result. Very nice.

Just out of curiosity, although I had it running on the table inside I went out to the shack to see if it's very small signal was being picked up by my grabber. Indeed it was – pleasant surprise (capture attached). Also seems to show that my grabber freq read-out is inline with my 'scope.

A big thanks goes out to Dale for his input and doing up a PCB for me – something I'm still to try my hand at (I've some photosensitive PCB material, but that's it).



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