Remembrance Day Contest

The week-end just past saw the running of the annual Remembrance Day Contest. I was only aware it was on a couple of days before hand, but decided I'd at least throw out a few calls from home.

Being only my second ever HF contest – my first being the QRP Hours contest earlier in the year – I wasn't really concerned about my result. I mainly just wanted to see what I could do on HF from home.

In then end, only 20 contacts were made with 100W, but all up I only spent a few hours playing, so that seemed pretty good – but pale in comparison to other stations getting well over 700!! But even by Saturday night after a couple of hours I'd already contacted VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5, VK6 and VK7 (no VK8 at all for the contest). I was surprised!! Not having done much on HF before, a few of those call areas were a first time!

Further, I had some other firsts. I successfully tuned up my random wire for 160m (which is MF, so that was nice) and made my first ever 160m contact with VK4HH. Additionally I also made a first time contact on 20m – actually in the end I made contacts on 160m, 80m, 40m and 20m (did try 15m and 10m but to no avail).

Anyway, it was good fun and next year I might try to plan ahead and make a dedicated attempt at it – maybe incorporating some CW!

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