CW Over Skype


This may sound like a crazy idea, but I think for beginners it's a great idea! So here we go.

Back in the day it was common for the building of a Code Practice Oscillator that could be connected to another. That way you could have two beginners practicing over a wire in two separate rooms. Details for such a setup can be found here at Peter Parker's (VK3YE) site.

These were great for the simple reason that you needed someway to practice before you could transmit on air, as CW was a pre-requisite for your license. Now days, you can just grab your Foundation license and practice on air if you like. However, you still then need to deal with QRN, QRM and QSB right from the start. Generally though, the guides on learning morse recommend leaving dealing with on-air noise until after you've got your competency up.

So, how about a modern day alternative to the 'Two Way Morse Practice Sets'?

That's where Skype comes in. You see, with my CPO being happily connected up to my computer I can readily have it as the input device that Skype uses for voice calls. I simply swap the input device from my Microphone to my line in (as per the picture) and I'm ready to go. If I have a mate on the other end doing the same thing, then we're ready for a bit of CW practice with nice (relatively) clear audio.

Further, if needs be we can still easily type a message to each other via Skype – or I guess switch back on the microphone.

Anyway, just an idea, but something I think could be a winner. 😉

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