Audacity for CW Evaluation

I mentioned earlier that one way I intend to use my CPO is to connect it to the PC and record the output with Audacity. Through doing this two possibilities are available to me:

  • Save the result and listen to it the next day; and
  • Have a look at the resulting patterns to evaluate spacing, timing, etc.
With the second point in mind, I've attached a couple of screenshots of Audacity with some short recordings. These show some of my code, the first being a simple practice of sending AN repeatedly, and the second showing a sending of my callsign. Let's have a look at each with regards to timing thanks to Audacity.

For the first I can make a few quick assessments:
  • My dits are about 0.1s long, therefore my dahs should be about 0.3s long;
  • However most of my dahs are probably closer to 0.35s long – probably not too bad for a newbie;
  • Spaces between elements should then be 0.1s;
  • But most seem to be closer to 0.15s – but again, for a newbie maybe that's alright;
  • Spaces between letters should then be 0.3s;
  • But most are only just over 0.2s, and I think that's something that even a newbie should do better (too short is probably worse than two long);
  • Spaces between words (AN) should be 0.7s, but they're looking more like 0.6s – but then they weren't really a sentence I guess;
  • In general things look fairly uniform – better than I expected.
So by simply recording in Audacity that's quite a few things that can be evaluated. Now how about the call sign (VK1IS)? Well immediately something wrong jumps out here.
  • Good to see the dah and dits are consistent, and indeed the spacing between dits and between dah-dit-dah looks good;
  • However, what the hell happened with my numeral 1, that spacing between the dahs is atrocious; so
  • I think I might go and practice the sending of some 1s, 2s and 3s – maybe a Q and Y could be good too. 😉
And, by recording in Audacity not only can I see those items above, when I go back and play the callsign I can really note just how bad that numeral 1 sounds. Yuck!

Hopefully other newbies may find this idea useful.


Bad VK1IS CW.mp3


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