CW Stage 1 Complete!!


Alrighty, I never thought I'd get there (well, that's not entirely true) but I've apparently committed the morse characters to memory. By that, I mean I've just now completed all 40 of the Koch lessons on It's taken me a couple of months of almost daily practice (but at least a week off once) and now I'm there.

Originally it starts you at a speed of 20 wpm character speed, but with a character spacing of 10wpm. I tried to stick at this for as long as possible, but eventually had to drop it a little. Then at the last CRARC club meeting where there was a presentation on CW, it was suggested that I should probably reduce more and just focus on getting the alphabet down and then increase. So after this I decided I'd go for 16 wpm character speed and 8wpm spacing.

I held that for awhile, but finished just now on 16wpm character speed and effective speed of 6wpm. So now, I'll start bumping up that effective speed and try and get it to 1:1.

Guess now might finally be time to consider getting a key so I can move on to sending.

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