2200m Transverter (G3XBM) Photos

Well, as promised here are the photos – sorry for the delay, had to head out for dinner. 😉

Reminder, this is for TX only – as I've got another setup for receiving. Now I'll need to move on to figuring out the antenna system – should be interesting. Hopefully soon I'll also do some traces and measurements with my 'scope to check the power output etc.

1 – Close up of the completed 10MHz oscillator module – a basic Clapp Oscillator (I think) with a transistor buffer;
2 – Front view of the completed enclosure – currently I've still got to wire up that LED;
3 – Rear view of the completed enclosure;
4 – Inside view of completed transverter; and
5 – Another inside view.

In photos 4 and 5 you can see the modular design I went with. Start at top right (clockwise) we have:
1 – PA;
2 – Mixer and 137kHz buffer;
3 – 10MHz local oscillator;
4 – Input attenuator to reduce FT-817 signal from 500mW to 5mW for mixing; and
5 – Band pass filter for output.



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