VK1IS to go LF


I'm still to progress building my first transmitter (having still only built an oscillator) but I'm gradually accumulating parts (such as torroids for transformers for balanced mixers, etc.). However, through discussions with Dimitris (VK1SV) and Dale (VK1DSH) and their enthusiasm for LF it seems my plan is to now build a transverter (tx only) for the 2200m band.

I've chosen a nice simple circuit by G3XBM which should be perfect to get started. His circuit is a full tx/rx transverter, however I plan to just utilise the tx part to keep things simple to start with. The benefits of this is that it'll give me experience building a transverter (something I want to later look into for the GHz bands) and also pretty much every stage of a typical SSB transmitter (even balanced mixers via an SBL-1).

The big challenge to this though will be the antenna system, as it's not entirely practical to have anything close to an efficient LF antenna in a small suburban block. However, many HAMs have been able to achieve good results, so it's definitely possible.

Currently I'm waiting on my order for some more torroids (bigger ones – T-106-2) as well as an order for some 10MHz crystals and IRF-510 amplifiers. Hopefully I'll have them by next week, so maybe in a couple of weeks I'll have some progress. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, feel free to check the grabber I've added on the site here:

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