LCWO – When to Progress

I'm now up to lesson 24 of 40 with the LCWO Koch trainer and I thought I'd share a tip with other users.

By default LCWO runs it's lessons with a duration of 1 minute. This is much shorter than the G4FON trainer which defaults to 5 minutes. I like this shorter period, but there are problems with it – and in some cases I increase it when still trying to bed down a character.

One of the problems is that in the later lessons when you've got more characters under your belt, not all characters will be sounded in a 1 minute lesson. Indeed, you can have several attempts at a lessons where the new character will not be heard.

This can result in you getting the recommended pass result of 90% for a lesson, but without ever being tested with the new character!!

I discovered this the somewhat hard way. I had a couple of lessons which I passed after my second attempt, so I moved on. But then I got a lesson (17) where suddenly I was really struggling and was not sure why – it ended up taking me about 3 times more attempts than usual.

I realised in that attempt there were several characters I was rather weak on, so came up with the plan of doing all lessons a minimum of ~10 times. This meant even if I reach 90% on my fifth attempt I'd stay on that lesson for at leave five more attempts.

But then more recently I was closely watching the contents of a lesson when I got 90% and indeed noticed some lessons I had 'passed' _definitely_ did not include the new character. As a result I'm now even more adamant in doing each lesson 10 times, but also check any lesson I 'pass' to ensure it included the new character. If not, I don't consider myself to have passed the lesson – even if I've done it more than 10 times.

So, my tip:
1) Make sure when you pass a Koch lesson on LCWO that it at least includes the new character; and
2) (optional) consider running every lesson at least 10 times – even if you pass early on.

Good luck!!


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