Earlier in the year I was trying to learn morse code, but then I got lax as I was more focused on my upgrade study. However, recently VK1DR (James) mentioned on the local mailing list he was using LCWO. I was intrigued so went in search.

Turns out there is a very useful site at that provides a full suite of CW training tools that run on the site and track all your statistics for you. Further, it has the typical GF4ON Koch Trainer style tool but with built in character verifier – so you just type it into the web site as it plays and then submit for validation. This makes things very easy and more like a game that you can play when you get a chance – and a key to studying effectively is for it to be enjoyable.

As a result, I'm now half way through the Koch lessons at 20wpm (10wpm spacing) and loving it. Maybe in another fortnight or so I might be done learning the characters, then I can start getting them at a full 20wpm and maybe be close to finally being able to receive morse.

Go and check it out. Registration is free and instant and then you have access to all the great tools and the fantastic (and encouraging I might add) metrics.




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