Been Busy

Well, that's why there's been not much happening here. But hopefully things will change soon.

I've been away most week-ends of late and busy studying for my upgrade exam. But the week-end just gone I successfully passed my AOCP(A) certification so am now again awaiting a new call-sign. But once I've got that, that'll be the end of upgrades. Yay!

I've also grabbed myself a collection of ceramic resonators, crystals and variable capacitors so hopefully now with study out of the way I can start trying to build oscillators and VXOs. After that I hope to be well on my way to building a transmitter – hopefully just a simple DSB transmitter to start with.

I'm still hoping to post up about my FSM and my little portable 2el beam for 2m. Hopefully now I'll have the time – with plans of being around home for the next few week-ends. But that said next week I'm doing a presentation at the club on WSPR, so I'll need to get that together too.

Hope you're all well, and hopefully I'll post a bit more soon as things get moving again.


P.S. Obviously with the new callsign on it's way in a couple of weeks you can expect the site name to change again. But I'll give fair warning before that. 😉

2 thoughts on “Been Busy

  1. Well done another upgrade so soon. Got to admit the big red book has been shelved for a while as I have been busy "getting back to work" retirement never lasts. This day and age money doesn’t go to far.Congratulation again VK1?? another bottle of wine I guess.Stan

  2. Thanks mate!<div><br></div><div>Understand shelving the big red book. My saving grace was that I booked in the exam and paid upfront, so I was committed to it. Luck, as the last month was a struggle with so much happening and very little study. But pre-booking kept me trying.</div> <div><br></div><div>New callsign will hopefully be VK1IS. I'll keep ya posted.</div><div><br></div><div>Cheers.<br><br></div>

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