Squid Poles and HF Portable Operation

On Saturday I finally did as many other amateurs have and grabbed myself a Squid Pole for some HF Portable operating. I was inspired by the simplicity displayed in one (of many) of Peter Parker's (VK3YE) YouTube videos. Previously I'd avoided portable HF, as although it was what initially led me to buy my FT-817ND it suddenly seemed overly complicated. But now, in hindsight, I'd say what I've done with 2m and 70cm is somewhat more involved. But oh well.

Anyway, here's both Peter's initial video and a page that clarifies the details of how he sets up his antenna. (Also, another favoured reference for Squid Poles is VK7JJ's work at this page. But I must say I prefer the simplicity of Peter's setup so I'll be trying that first before moving on to VK7JJs option.)



P.S. While on YouTube, I recommend viewing many of Peter's other videos. They're fantastic!

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