Name Changed and Activity

G'day All,

Well, it's official; today I received my AOCP(S) in the mail! So, now I've changed the name and URL of the site to reflect things. 😉

Activity wise I've been busy but haven't had time to upload things to here. My new FSM with the digital voltage panel is complete and working wonderfully so I hope to post up more on that shortly. Today I've also been shopping so that I can build up an interface between my computer and radio to do some digital work with my new license. I'm also still 90% complete on my little 2el 2m beam that I plan to take to tassie with me on the plane.

Now I have my new FSM I want to do some measurements on the beam and then ultimately write it all up to share with you all in case you want to build your own. 😉

So, hopefully soon I'll post up some more on here, but tonight I'm busy again running a local 10m AM net. So if you're free, come and say hello on 29.050MHz at 1930hrs local time.


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