Digital Panel Meter

Taken me awhile to post this as the week-end was a bit busy, but none the less…

Last Thursday I had a quick chance to play with the digital volt panel meter I grabbed from Futurlec for my FSM V2. It is hoped by using this I can see a great improvement in sensitivity – as I can set it up to display microvolts (see previous post).

These guys are new to me so first I had to setup a test bed to see if I could even figure out how to use them (regardless of how simple they appeared). Anyway, that was done with a simple voltage divider network to give me something around 100mV – as FSD on these meters is 200mV. Once that was all done and evaluated with my multimeter it was time to hook up the unit.

After a bit of fiddling success was had. As the photos show it’s happily displaying 109.1mV (well, without the decimal point as I’ve not set that up – just requires shorting two pins, but hard to do while holding the camera). Ideally I’d do another test with a voltage divider to give me something in the uV range, however I think I’ll just build the new FSM.

I’ve got everything I need other than another enclosure and a knob for the potentiometer. So, hopefully another trip out to Jaycar this week and maybe I can build it this week-end.



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