The Maximite

I don't normally buy Silicon Chip, but after walking past the current issue a few times this month I decided to grab it. The front cover was what attracted me because it seemed to allude to a computer that you build yourself. You know, like back in the late 70's where it was all the rage.

Well, it turned out that's exactly what it was. The Maximite is a new kit that is available for pre-order from Altronics and will provide you with a 32-bit computer running at 80MHz and bootloading into a BASIC interpreter.

It will have a VGA/composite video connector, keyboard connector, USB, SD/MMC card reader for storage and maybe best of all a 20 pin IO port. The idea being, you can use that IO port to then interface with hardware if you choose. You know, build your own circuits and have them computer controlled.

Anyway, that should be enough to get you appetite up, so follow the links below for more.

Here is the link for some info about the Maximite:

And here is where you can get one:

And here is the PIC it uses:

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