PA0RDT Mini Whip – Complete

That’s right, on the week-end I finalised the PA0RDT and installed it in it’s final location. Below are some pics for your perusal (previous pics of PFU are here).

In it’s current state both the PFU and the Mini-Whip are exactly as per design other than the 2N5109 was substituted with a 2N2219 and everything still seems to be working a treat. So far I’ve only had one session with 600m with it, but it worked a treat. Other than that I’ve been giving it a work out with WSPR on 40m and a few others and also been looking for NDBs down around 200-400kHz (but unfortunately the broadcast bands  – ABC 666 and 2CA mainly – are overpowering the NDBs). Seems to be a big improvement though over my long wire and dipole.



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