WSPR Demonstrating IPS Hourly HAP Charts

Well, what a good correlation of observed conditions against the IPS Hourly HAP Charts.

In these images first you can see the HAP chart for Canberra at 0300hrs UTC; the second image is a screen capture showing the signals I'm receiving in WSPR around 0300hrs UTC; and the final image is a map from WSPRnet showing the other stations on 10m.

Basically the HAP chart predicts there should be an opening on around ~10m from Canberra up into Darwin, then the second image shows that I am indeed for 0300hrs UTC receiving a signal out of Darwin; and then the final image shows there's a whole lot of other stations around but I'm not receiving them at all.


(Oh, and this is with my newly completed PA0RDT mini whip – more on that later.)



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