PA0RDT Mini Whip Components Have Arrived

Finally, after 2.5 weeks the components for my PA0RDT Mini Whip have arrived!! So hopefully by the end of this coming week-end I may be able to complete the project (or at least the circuit)!

Now one thing that someone pointed out to me, is that during the 2.5 weeks I was waiting there was the Chinese New Year. So aside from the fact I thought I was ordering from within Australia (and thereby expecting a turn around of 1 week tops), it seems the extra delay would have been for the one week shut down around Chinese New Years As a result, I guess I'll just have to give Futurlec the benefit of the doubt, and maybe order from them again as a comparison. Because all said and done, the order has arrived perfectly to spec.

(Also in this order where some parts I needed for my second CMoy amplifier, so now I can get on to that as well.)

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