All Ready for the Softrock

Alrighty, today I went back to Jaycar and they'd restocked their flux pens. As a result I now have the last item I need in order to commence work on my softrock. But as per my previous post I also now finally have the items I need to complete my PA0RDT Mini Whip. Seeing I did start the Mini Whip first, I will attempt to apply a bit of discipline and finish that first.

Also, while at Jaycar I grabbed a 1mA analogue panel meter. I plan to substitute this into my Field Strength Meter (FSM) to see what effect it has alone on the sensitivity. This is because I believe the rather low sensitivity is due to the high load of the 50uA meter (it's 3,000 ohm); but this 1mA meter is more than 10x less at only 200 ohm. Hopefully I can easily drop it in and compare – or maybe to start with just some jumper cables. Either way it's a nice easy experiment which will help me understand some theory – always good to solidify theory with practical application.

Depending on the results from that – or maybe regardless – I'll then look at adding a RF amplifier to the FSM. But perhaps I should leave that until I complete the Softrock (and maybe the CMoy that I have the parts for now).

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