SMD Soldering Equipment

Well, today another visit was had to Jaycar, this time to equip for some SMD soldering for my Softrock Lite II kit. My shopping list was:

* 0.5mm Solder
* Solder Wick
* Flux Pen
* Loupe
* Desk lamp/magnifier stand

I was successful in purchasing all items other than the flux pen (and the solder is 0.7mm, but that'll do). The flux pen is probably one of the key items to ensure a good quality job. However, apparently they get restocked about every three days as they're pretty popular, so hopefully next week I can grab one.

Unfortunately though, that means I really can't make a start on the Softrock this week end – but hopefully the next. I will however this week-end consider cracking open the kit and separating the components into individual bags (I think that could make life easier).

And, another week has passed and I'm still waiting on my parts from Futurlec for my PA0RDT mini whip; so I wont be working on that this week-end either. 😦

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