Two more weeks for my PA0RDT mini whip parts

Ahhh, so as suspected, the parts for my PA0RDT mini-whip from are coming from outside of Australia. I have no problem with that, but it would be nice if it was made clear during the order process – especially when they so deliberately make it look like an Australian entity. I mainly order from an Australian site so as to expedite delivery – especially when stores overseas appear to have greater stock.

Anyway, here's the response from Futurlec to my query:

"Your order xxxxx has been shipped from our main warehouse in Asia. You will receive it in the next 2 weeks."

One would hope it's only the next 1 week seeing it was shipped 7 days ago. If I had of known this, I probably would have just ordered from America – considering my Softrock beat this order here. Ahhhh, well.

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