Week-end Plans – FSM

Well, the week-end is almost on us (as is another thunderstorm) and other than household chores (cleaning the gutters would be a good start) I have a few radio projects I want to do. First of which is to build a Field Strength Meter.

I've got all the parts for this (grabbed them early in the week from Jaycar) and have even marked out the enclosure to house an analogue micro ammeter and dial for the pot. The design I'm going with is that from the 'Foundation Corner' of AR March 2010. I stumbled across this when I was reviewing the 2010 Index in the latest AR and thought I should have a closer look. Well, no sooner was I at Jaycar with a bundle of goodies!

Hopefully, if all goes well I should have some photos come Monday. I'm really looking forward to this device as it will give me some interesting metrics to allow the comparison of the various antennas I've built – and plan to build.

On antennas, after the success I had with my temporary long wire antenna and 600m last week-end; I've actually made it more permanent. So this week-end I also hope to re-arrange the setup of my gear so that I can actually utilise the long wire. This may mean I'll have to disconnect from my dipole for a short time (until I make an ever so slightly longer coax cable) but at least in the short term I can play around with a long wire for a bit – it'd be interesting to do this after some tests with a hopefully complete and working FSM.

Anyway, that's the basic plans. I'd also like to build my long planned 4el 2m beams, but well see. Oh, and I hope to maybe finish my guy ring – only needs two more coats to be considered complete. I would have also liked to have worked on my PA0RDT mini whip, but _still_ waiting on components from Futurlec – starting to wonder if they're coming from America (as they have an American site) and they've just not told me (like Borders.com does).

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