Study: Progressing Well

This morning I finished my first read through of The Radio Operators Handbook (5th ed.) meaning I've now at least once come across all the theory material I need for my exam. Yay! Now I need to do one of the example exams in the book to see if I've retained anything at all. 🙂

Following which I plan to start reading through the regulations and try and commit as much of that as possible to memory. Then I want to go back and study more of the areas of the theory that were rather new to me or rather dense. After that, I still also have the CD that came with the book for additional practice exams.

By the time that is all done, it should be exam day easily – so fingers crossed.

At the same time though, I'm also building a few circuits:
– Another CMoy headphone amp – just waiting on the parts;
– The PA0RDT Mini Whip – also waiting on parts;
– The Softrock Lite II – just waiting on kit to arrive; and
– A Field Strength Meter – got everything I need, currently marking out the enclosure for drilling (more on this soon).

Through doing these items, I hope to build on the theory I've read over the last couple of months. If there was more time, I'd also like to build a basic receiver from scratch and potentially a inductance meter (which would help to ensure I build my inductors correctly for the receiver). But I think the above will keep me busy right up to my exam – but we'll see. 🙂

Anyway, at least the study seems to be progressing well and has been really enjoyable actually – filled a lot of gaps.

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