Today’s Lunchtime Net / Parts Ordered

Well, today's lunch time net was a no event. I was up on top of Black Mountain calling CQ but with no answers. So by around 12:40 I had headed down and went home for lunch, only to briefly hear VK1KLB while driving down the Tuggeranong Parkway – but unfortunately reception was poor and I lost him.

I think I need to resume sending out reminders to the VK1 Reflector prior to the day – I'll try and remember to do that next week.

But today I have also finally ordered the bits I need for my PA0RDT mini whip – specifically the J310 FET and substitute for the 2N5109 transistor (I went with a 2N2219 and a 2N3053 for back-up as I know VK2DDI has had success with that). Hopefully they'll get here within a week or so…

(Oh, also ordered a couple of bits towards building another CMoy headphone amp.)

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