PA0RDT Mini Whip Well Underway

As mentioned previously I was reading up about the PA0RDT mini whip. The hope was that maybe by building one I could at the very least receive some WSPR traffic on 600m – and hopefully more general traffic. (I've also started to consider the ideal of creating a T/R relay switch so that I could use it for reception on the HF bands if it proves as good as I've heard.)

Well, with some guidance from the guys on the 600m mailing list, today I kicked off in earnest by completing the Power Feed Unit (PFU). The PFU is what sits in the shack next to the receiver and then sends power up the coax to the mini whip for it's active components.

Now I just need to order the active components so that I can get started on the actual mini whip (the transistors are proving a bit tricky to locate), but I did also prepare the PCB for it today – photos below.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and I'll be sure to post up more as I progress further.



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