Attempting to receive LF and baluns

Ahhhh, so I've been trying to receive AX2VLB the last couple of nights on WSPR… but no joy (even though everyone else seemed to have success).

Well I was instructed on a couple of things to check and one of which was the balun in my dipole – something I'd not considered. However, when you read the specs for it (it's a Diamond BU-50) you can see it has a passband of 1.7MHz to 40MHz. This obviously means it would be effectively filtering out the 508.1kHz I was trying to receive, plus no wonder there is nothing registered on the S meter down there.

So, looks like if I want to do LF I need a different antenna configuration. I think I really need to get that long wire up I was planning to play with….

On other news though, I did finally manage to setup my HF gear somewhat permanently in my garage last night – and thereby was able to leave WSPR listening all night. 🙂

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