WSPR on Ubuntu 10.10 – It WORKS!!

Alright, well there you have it. At home trying something back on the laptop based on something I noticed in the VirtualBox while playing with WSJT. Turns out, the crash was user error. :/ Well, more or less – there's some poor code there to be blamed too, but..

Anyway, the way to stop it crashing and to have it work as intended is to ensure you set 'default' as the 'Audio in' and 'Audio Out' in the Station Parameters. I was choosing the device that had the actual chip name etc. and it seems that would only work for one capture, and then BAM!

So, have a look at the screenshots, they show the detail. But the end result is, to get WSPR 2.0 on Ubuntu 10.10 it seems you need not compile the source yourself all you need is two things:

1. Extract the .deb file, as install will fail (ie. use dpkg -i <wspr.deb filename>), and then just run from there; and
2. Make sure you set 'default' for 'Audio in' and 'Audio out'.

Easy. The same audio settings seem to also be required if you run WSPR 3.0 – but you do currently have to get that from subversion and build yourself. 😉



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