2011 Summer VHF/UHF Field Day

Well, it's almost time for the first VHF/UHF Field Day for the year. I've only ever made it to a few of these, as it always seems to clash (last year with my Birthday) and I simply forget somehow. But this year I've blocked the week-end out and plan to head on up to Mt. Corree on the Saturday (15th January) and operate from 12noon to 8pm. I might head up again on the Sunday – but I'm not that much of a morning person, so we'll see. šŸ™‚

I plan to operate on 2m and 70cm both SSB and FM. For SSB I will be using my trustly lil FT-817ND with my 10el 2m and 11el 70cm Cushcraft beams on my 4m 'mast'. For FM I hope to mount my X-50N to the top of the mast (or maybe aĀ separateĀ smaller 3m mast) and hook it up to my FT-7800 and have it constantly scanning both frequencies.

As per the general field day practice, for SSB I'll be calling CQ on 144.150MHz and 432.150MHz. For FM there doesn't really seem to be a designated frequency, however the rules do state: "Recognised DX calling frequencies must not beĀ used for contest activity." But I don't believe the standard 2m and 70cm calling frequencies are "DX calling frequencies" so I'll simply be using them. That is, I'll be calling CQ (and scanning) 146.500MHz and 439.000MHz.

So I encourage everyone to get on air and give it a go – even if you don't get portable and even if you've limited to a FM setup.

Hope to catch you then,

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