Define HSWR on a FT-817ND

Well, in my previous posted I commented on the readings for the 435MHz WA5VJB I built up – which I've just put the last coat of varnish on. During this I mentioned my FT-817ND was reporting HSWR but I was not sure what ratio this translated to.

Well, after trying to tune up my 15m/40m dipole yesterday on 10m – and failing – I can now report what it is. Due to using a different VSWR meter for HF I was able to get a proper reading. It appears that HSWR on a FT-817ND translates to approximately 2.5:1.

So this means, that beam is no where near suitable for 435MHz!! So I really need to spend a bit more time here in front of this computer this holiday and build a model. Quick sticks! (But in the mean time, I think I've come up with a design for the socket mounting….)

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