Started 70cm Cheap Yagi

Well, while also studying for my upgrade and learning CW I've still got some beam builds planned. As such, Friday night I got started on the 70cm Cheap Yagi I want to build. I'm doing the 8el one targeted at 435MHz in the hope that'll give me a good SWR in the FM Simplex segments of 70cm (433.750MHz – 434.250MHz and 438.750MHz – 439.250MHz). This is because my Cushcraft 11el 70cm beam was purchased for 70cm SSB work and as such is centred way down the other end of the band and has no chance of a suitable SWR, but hopefully this will.

This will hopefully allow me to run some lunchtime 70cm nets and also have a play around with some longer distance 70cm FM. Should be interesting me thinks.

Anyway, today I finished cutting and bending all the elements, and attaching them to the boom. Hopefully tomorrow (Sunday) I can drill the holes for the mounting bracket and then start applying the varnish. After that I've got to figure out how I will attach the cable. I'm hoping to come up with some kind of mechanical mounting system (so a bracket/clamp) this time, as aluminium is too much hassle to solder to. I also want to figure it out here as I intend to do the same fo the two 2m ones I wish to build to stack.

Oh, and this time I made the holes nice and tight so no hot glue is required to hold them in place. However I am going to hot glue them once all the varnish is done – just for added strength.

Well, that's about it. More pics to follow, and hopefully I'll have it done in time for the holidays – although the socket mounting could trick me.



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