2m SSB DX Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning I will be once again up on Red Hill for some 2m SSB DX. There's been a lot of rain lately, so it's not been an option, but the sun was out this afternoon and is meant to make a repeat appearance tomorrow morning. So, if you hear VK1FOTO calling, please say hi! 🙂

I'll be QRP again at about 4W from my FT-817ND into my 4el WA5VJB Cheap Yagi.

Also, due to the rain I've not been able to really try my new mast carrying system. That sounds more impressive than it is, but have a look at the pictures to see.

Basically I went and grabbed some "Multi Purpose Holders" for my roof racks. This way it takes about 30 seconds to load a mast on my roof, and to take it back off. This compares to the 10-20minutes it used to take when I was lashing it on with rope! The benefits of this is that to pack the car the night before now takes about 10 minutes; to setup and pull down once in position will only take about 15 minutes each – meaning more time on the air, and less of a rushed pack up to get back to work.

Hope it all works! 🙂



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