VK3DIP, AR Magazines and YagiCAD

Back in 2008 I came across an article in the AR Magazine that looked like it described the first yagi I'd be able to build. It is due to that first article that I now have a bench drill and have at least one yagi completed – more planned, and half a one in progress. The article I reference is that by VK3DIP (Paul McMahon) and is titled "Simple wideband Yagis for 2 m and 70 cm" – AR Magazine, September 2008.

I actually have about 1/2 of the 2m version built – boom drilled, directors all installed, and all other elements ready for mounting – however not long after starting I met my soon to be wife and then moved house and have not got back to it. But I will one day, and I look forward to it.

Paul has actually also posted up further photos for these beams here, and I've also seen the installed version that VK1GH (Gilbert Hughes) built and he seemed happy with it – reporting it was performing to spec. Also of interest is that Paul says that for some of the design of this he used a program called YagiCAD.

YagiCAD used to be a piece of Shareware the Paul wrote, but now he provides it as freeware. I'm keen when I get a chance to download it and have a play (as it sounds like it has some nice simple functions (maybe reminiscent of YagiMax). But for now all I can do is to provide you a link to it.

YagiCAD aside, I'm hoping sometime soon – time again permitting, getting ready for a wedding sure keeps you busy – I will model these two beams up in NEC2 just for a bit of fun. Originally I hoped to post something up with the models etc., but appears not yet.

Instead, what drove me to post this is that I've recently noticed that Paul is a somewhat regular contributor to AR Magazine. In the most recent release (October 2010) we see Part 2 of his article on "Build[ing] a generic PC interface". This article caught my attention so I scrummaged back to Part 1 to have a read. While reading this I noticed he made reference to a previous article that he did back in June 2009 titled "A simple sensitive power meter". This reference actually caused me (while sick) to rummage through my stuff and collate all my AR Magazines and do a stock take. As Murphy would have it, June 2009 was the last one I could find.

But the article was worth it, as on the side I've been reading about setting up an antenna range. Currently it seems not too hard to establish a real basic one, but the hardest bit is probably getting a suitable power meter. Well this article introduced me to the AD8307 which seems to be the cornerstone of a lot of home-brew RF meters – considered as accurate as a lot of the very expensive ones. So whether I use Paul's design in the future, or I search for the AD8307 and find another design I like (and there are many) at least I know what the starting point is.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting to see how a few articles from one person in one magazine can really get someone else thinking. Plus I think Pauls articles are great and recommend people having a read. I've scanned and included the covers below.



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