VK1JA’s 2m/70cm Beam

VK1JA (Jayson) has also been playing around with 4nec2 recently attempting to come up with a dual band beam for 2m and 70cm. He has asked if I could share around his design and would be interested to hear peoples feedback. Specifically, Jayson says:
"The 2m/70cm dual band yagi is a bit of a compromise and I did so many hours on the design trying to get it to work on both bands with ~50Ohms at low swr and a half decent pattern.  The big compromise is with the 70cm band, very wide focus on the front of the antenna with a lot of power radiating at a very steep angle L  If you have any ideas how to lower the radiation pattern on the 70cm band without compromising the 2m band please let me know !!"
So here you have it, let us know your thoughts.



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