Planning my license upgrade

My plan is to upgrade my license in the first half of next year. So I've been starting to look at what is required as far as study goes to ensure I spend time efficiently and not just reading things of general interest.

To that end I currently have the following plan:
1. Decide on whether I'll go for Standard or Advanced (currently thinking Advanced will be the way – I have the required Math, just need to do the extra study);
2. Break the syllabus up and map it across to my reference material so that I know I'll study what's required;
3. Break the syllabus with references up into a study timetable;
4. Book exam in line with expected completion date; and
5. Start working through the study plan.

My reference material will mainly consist of:
1. 2009 ARRL Handbook
2. ARRL Antenna Book
3. Radio Theory Handbook
4. LCD

From looking over the Syllabus already I see that these will easily cover all the information I need. So now that I've clarified that and joined all the dots it now seems rather clear as to how to progress. That combined with the upcoming availability of time, all things will hopefully work well.

I'm hoping that maybe others will find the above ponderings interesting when considering how attack the study required for your license upgrades.

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