VHF/UHF SSB DX Photos – 17th October 2010

Being at home sick (again) today, I finally went through and processed some photos from the morning of the 17th October 2010 when I finally tried out my beams for some SSB DX. As far as contacts go the morning was not that big a success – propagation was low and not many people were about. But as far as a trial setup goes the morning was a great success with everything going to plan. I'm pretty confident now that a deployment on top of Mt. Corree should be no problem at all.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. The location is Mt. Stromlo here in the ACT (VK1)(Google Maps Link).

1 – FT-817ND tuned to 144.200MHz (the early morning frequency of choice);
2 – General shot showing the mast attached to the bull bar and in an umbrella stand;
3 – Close up of the two Cushcraft beams (10el 2m beam and 11el 70cm beam);
4 – Detail of the mast mounting;
5 & 6 – General shots with glimpses of the Mt. Stromlo buildings in the background; and
7 – Another close up of the beams, but also showing the wiring into a diplexor to split between the two beams. 



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